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Japanese Martial Arts in Kidderminster


Many thanks for spending time to visit our website in your quest to learn more about us. Ren Sei Kan was started by senior members of Ren Shin Kan Aikido (Old Hill) in September 2012. For more information go to "About Us".

Our aim is to empower individuals with the ability to maintain a heathly physical lifestyle through martial arts/self defence training. You tell us what you want to acheive, and we will cater the training for you to suit your needs.

We all know how excerise and a good diet helps to keep us healthy but with todays busy lifestyle...we are finding it harder to keep ourselves in shape or even maintain the level of fitness that we had when we were "younger".

With our form of training...it doesn't matter if you have never excerised in years or if you are looking to become the next Steven Segal, we allow individuals to train at thier own rate.



"To meet the spirt and the way"

(shihan W Smith)

The ony opponent is yourself..